Joakim Dahl

I am an accomplished professional with diverse skills, which bring a unique combination of business acumen and strategic expertise to any organization. With a background in management, communication, and advisory roles…


Creative Director and Business Advisor with Extensive Experience and Network

I am a board member and advisor who brings in-depth business understanding to various industries and sectors. As a creative director in business communication, I combine my design skills with business intelligence to create impactful and innovative solutions. I have a major business network and experience from working with several listed companies and growth companies, where I have contributed to their strategic vision and success.


At my cappuccino with you

At my cappuccino with you

You stand quietly by the espresso bar,As I place my cup near yours,And we embrace in the crowd.Holding my cup close to yours,How I always fall into your arms,At my cappuccino with you.

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A snapshot of a productive Sunday morning at my favored espresso bar, inscribed “I’m the operator with my pocket calculator”. Adorned in a Dolomite waistcoat, the quintessence of Italian lifestyle, complemented with refashioned Tom Ford eyewear and a timeless vintage cap.
Brothers and sisters, it is a privilege and a great honor to present the five-time Riesling Champion, Philipp Kuhn, with his 2022 Riesling Tradition. This ultra-crisp, affordable wine is perfect for pairing with fish, shellfish, and chicken dishes. With a gold medal in the Mundus Vini Nordic competition, this wine exemplifies outstanding quality and value.
You stand quietly by the espresso bar, As I place my cup near yours, And we embrace in the crowd. Holding my cup close to yours, How I always fall into your arms, At my cappuccino with you.
A modern gentleman stepped into the hall of mirrors and discovered the look of the day reflected: a vintage Danish country jacket and a vintage cap, complemented by Tom Ford eyewear and a tartan-patterned waistcoat.
Brothers and sisters, it’s with great privilege and honour I present to you ‘Lion’s Tooth of McLaren Vale Shiraz Riesling,’ created by winemaker Elena Brooks. This wine is a tribute to the classic blend of Northern Rhône, combining the robust character of shiraz with the subtle freshness of riesling. Blending blue and green grape varieties, a common practice in Rhône where viognier is often used, Lion’s Tooth adopts this tradition with an Australian twist. The wine has been recognized for its quality, including receiving 94 points from James Halliday for the 2021 vintage, offering a unique taste experience for wine connoisseurs.
I live by the sea and embrace Captain Nemo’s quote, ‘Here on the ocean floor is the only independence. Here I am free!’ Thus, every weekend, I select my ‘fish of the week,’ or shellfish. Now, it’s time for crab, and I need to have the hammer. As Hemingway said, ‘Neither for you nor for me. I’m sorry, fish.’ Will it be as black as black for the crab; perhaps a stout? My mind then takes flight to a green island, to a pub on a street corner in Cork. I imagine watching old men in their caps, seated in their usual spots, inviting me to join a community chat as the pubs fill up, echoing with cheers and the sound of church bells signaling the start of Sunday lunch. But my journey wouldn’t stop there. Next, I’d go to France for a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from the southwest, a fitting companion for the crab. I envision hearing church bells ringing out as squares fill with people at bistros, engaging in philosophical discussions around the tables. Ending with a stout or Sauvignon Blanc?
With 15 years of experience and certification in board management, serving as a board member in publicly traded companies, growth businesses, and municipal committees, as well as an adjunct organizer and producer of board meetings, I have built extensive experience and knowledge. In this blog post, I present one of my top five lists to optimize board meetings and contribute as an active, engaged, and professional board member: A. Preparation: Ensure that meeting calls are sent out well in advance, with start and end times, and classify each agenda item as informational or decision-making. Ensure that all board members have access to meeting materials and attachments at least 5 days before the meeting. B. Agenda with Clear Structure: Create a detailed agenda with specified time frames for each item. This helps keep the meeting focused and efficient. C. Active Participation: Invite members to prepare to contribute actively. Send out specific questions or topics for discussion in advance, so that members can prepare to provide insightful contributions. D. Financial Overview: Always include a current liquidity forecast and relevant financial reports as part of the preparations. This ensures that all members have a clear view of the company’s financial position and that taxes are paid. E. Follow-up: Ensure that a signed protocol from each meeting is reviewed and approved. This ensures that all decisions and actions are documented and traceable, facilitating follow-up.
I want to share a story from some time ago about an international client project where I innovated their financial reporting process. I designed a new format in Word, carefully crafted to be business-smart and to resonate with the company’s visual branding. @joakimdahlab
They usually say, ‘Black velvet and a boy’s smile, in a Southern style, Black velvet if you please.’ And I say, ‘Dinner time with Black velvet, if you please.’
As a business coach, I have delivered business consulting to entrepreneurs and companies in the growth phase. With my experience and knowledge, I have contributed energy, support, and advice, as well as access to networks. I have helped these actors and companies expand through innovative business development and successfully attract external financing. @joakimdahlab



I specialize in producing key business deliverables such as quarterly reports.



I provide csupport to the board of directors and management teams.


of Board

I hold positions in both publicly-listed and privately-held companies.