Joakim Dahl


I am an accomplished professional with diverse skills that bring a unique combination of business acumen and strategic expertise to any organization. With a background in management, communication, and advisory roles, I am an active board member serving on several boards of directors.

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About me

Experienced Board Member and Business Advisor with Extensive Network

I am a board member and advisor with in-depth business understanding across various industries and sectors. As a creative director specializing in business communication, I blend design skills with business intelligence to develop impactful and innovative solutions.

My extensive network and experience stem from collaborations with several listed and growth companies, where I have significantly contributed to their strategic vision and success.



I specialise in strengthening listed, owner-managed and growth companies through strategic development and effective management.



Expert in corporate communications and investor relations, creating quarterly reports and business presentations.

Board assignments

Board assignments

Experienced in board work for listed companies, I contribute with strategy, financial insight and regulatory knowledge for both established listed companies and growth companies.

Business and lifestyle

My blog

Welcome to my blog. As an expert in management, communication, and board governance, and a gentleman with a dedicated style, I’m here to blend lifestyle and business insights.