About Joakim

…I deeply understand how to navigate complex business challenges and drive success. In addition, my creative direction in business communication leverages design skills and business intelligence to deliver business communication. As a respected board member and advisor, I have a proven record of helping businesses achieve their goals and unlock new growth opportunities.

A Multiplayer in Business Development and Communication


I have more than 25 years of business experience in digitization, communication, and business development, as well as business acumen. Since 2009, I have worked for the entrepreneur and investor Rolf Lundström within the venture capital company Provobis.


It takes a lot of work to be a one-liner as a multiplayer. I am involved in so many business areas and operations. But let me give you the top of the iceberg.


I am multiplayer in the mix of development by technology and management strategy, with in-depth business understanding and market presence. I have more than 25 years of experience in different industries. I have been selected for several positions as an advisor, management consultant, senior executive, communication consultant or board member in listed and private companies. I enjoy a day full of activity where I can provide communication skills powered by strategic analysis in the experience of business acumen and management understanding – to create value.

Another Version

I am Joakim Dahl, an advisory (board) member and advisor with in-depth business understanding. I am a creative director in digital communication by combining design with business intelligence. I have over 25 years of experience in different industries and an extensive business network. Joakim & Dahl is a consulting firm with a creative agency. I am expert in strategic management and business development.

I am supporting coming and listed companies in communication and management as a consultant, senior executive or board member. I have held several positions in listed companies as a board member since 2015. I am specialized in business communication with business presentations and business management. I was a former business developer, company manager and advisor to the owner (the investor Rolf Lundström) of a prominent venture capital firm (Provobis) in Sweden. I am also acting as an honorary consul.