A selected triple from Gnarley Head

Let’s find time to enjoy the weekend now and drop the to-do list and all projects for some hours.
Recharging and boosting creativity can start new ideas and join us in a new co-op in the coming weeks at the next level. Welcome.

Sisters and brothers, it is with privilege and great honour that I present a selected triple from Gnarley Head.

With grapes from specially selected vineyards in Lodi and Monterey (California, USA), Gnarley lets us touch the coming start of the spring and enjoy the closing end of winter. We can feel the wind of change. This Chardonnay is full-bodied with bold flavours as we look back on the winter and let the Pinot Grigio boasts citrus blossom with Viognier in its rich fruit aromas when spring can hesitate.

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