A French colony in Gothenburg with gastronomy as a state condition

A French colony in Gothenburg with gastronomy as a state condition

Not every day you gather a board on a Saturday. But sometimes, it happens. It’s a new defensive market and a turning world outside, and we are prepared to handle it on my board. Today with my board of directors in my company and they need something special to start with.

From my blog:

It is early morning in Gothenburg, the week boasts Saturday, and the sun makes another attempt to defeat the clouds on its rise. Slottskogen, park no 1 in Gothenburg, is filled with the start of the activity. This morning we cross the entire park, from the city centre to Högsbo. A district that was previously mostly a clear example of the soul of the Swedish people’s home in city and society development, a concept that played an essential role in the Swedish welfare system.

Sylvain Marron in Högsbo is more than a patisserie, classified as a French colony in Gothenburg with gastronomy as a state condition. On Saturdays, the line curls outside of newly awakened Gothenburgers with a clear desire in their eyes and a fulfilled mind. We are welcomed inside by the second-generation chocolatier Sylvain Marron. With French spontaneity, Sylvain mixes Swedish with a genuine French touch in his proud presentation of today’s range of love pastries with his signature. As always, the content of the pastry surprises in its width and craftsmanship when the thought seduces us in the decision to have a unique experience of pleasure.

Category: French oasis in Gothenburg with the manufacture and sale of pastry
Name: Sylvain Marron
Address: Högsbogatan 13

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