Introducing Allesverloren Tinta Barocca: A Unique South African Wine Experience

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with privilege and great honour that I present to you Allesverloren Tinta Barocca.

A renowned South African producer offers this red wine made from an unconventional grape for most people. The wine boasts a spicy flavour with oak undertones, featuring notes of blackberries, plums, dark cherries, chocolate, allspice, and coffee. Best served at 16-18°C, it pairs well with lamb or beef dishes.

Tinta Barroca wines are characterised by their deep colour and hints of cherries, plums, chocolate, and sweet tones. Although primarily grown in Portugal, the grape is also cultivated in South Africa, where it was once used for port-style wines. Allesverloren, a winery in South Africa’s Swartland region, pioneered the first single-varietal wine using the Portuguese grape. Tinta Barroca wines feature a rich colour, notes of cherry, plum, chocolate, and a sweetish tone. The alcohol content is relatively high, and the wine exhibits soft tannins and, at times, a festive spice nuance.