The Seasonal Shift: A Sartorial Journey Through Business Quarters.

I am a sinner; every time April and October come around, I find myself running out of “styling time” due to involvement in business projects like business management, corporate content production, and board meetings.
Consequently, my wardrobe ends up taking a backseat. It should be a priority for me to set aside a day to bring in the upcoming quarter’s collection from my own warehousing.

The last glimpse of the second and third quarters is when pink goes well with navy blue, reminding me of an English summer. Every time, I’m amazed by the color combinations. I look at this picture for so long that I almost believe this time will come back tomorrow. But with the first and third quarters ahead of us, we now move into the time of tweed and earth colors. And we will usher in a splendid era featuring crochet ties crafted from wool and cashmere, a choice that epitomizes the eccentric way to be.