Understanding how business, society and the market are connected

My favourite position on the board of directors is when I add business experience and knowledge in combination with intelligence and creativity. It provides the extra dimension that leads to the development of companies. It’s about monitoring the environment and an understanding of how business, society and the market are connected.

With a background in the above and creating inspiration and developing in a board of directors, I was cicerone for a visiting council in London. No other city is at the centre of the world, in a transformation and constant development, on all levels, from market to politics, as London.

Today’s theme was development and creativity in the position of the market. Bishopsgate is developing into a modern financial hub that strengthens London’s trademark. The neighbourhood next door, Shoreditch, fosters creativity in business development.

Sometimes magical also happened, where the final stop of our bus journey was Primrose Street, Benjamin Disraeli’s favourite flower and one of my favourites in England’s history. Magic.
“A simple primrose wreath amidst the mass of floral tributes. It had been sent by Queen Victoria, with a simple message attached: His favourite flowers.”