Weekly Odyssey: A Bicycle Ride to Literary Enlightenment

Every week, I hop on my bicycle and head to the local library. Sometimes I go with a specific book reservation in mind; at other times, I embark on a curious quest for an undiscovered gem. I must confess that I’m a true bibliophile—an unapologetic sinner in the world of literature. I find it almost impossible to leave with just one book. Instead, I often walk out with an eclectic collection that feeds my insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Currently, my literary haul is a diverse blend, ranging from training and lifestyle guides to healthy cookie recipes. I’ve also dabbled in books about Chinese cuisine and am diving into the captivating world of design movements and iconic designers. This vast spectrum not only enriches my understanding of the world but also amplifies my creative and business acumen. It’s as if each book I pick up serves as another invaluable consultation session, providing insights across various disciplines and industries, as well as lifestyle and living.