Balancing High-Stakes Corporate Management with a Commitment to Fitness: My Journey in the Second Quarter

Welcome to my secret garden. I’ve had the opportunity to utilize a private garden in my office – my sanctuary for staying fit.

The second quarter is always busy in my line of business. As a service provider to public companies, they are obligated to report to the market quarterly and annually, typically producing two types of reports in the second quarter. Annual meetings often fall within this period. I’m in a position to manage and communicate these projects. However, this second quarter has also been laden with assignments and special tasks such as new share issuances, mergers and acquisitions, strategic board workshops, and coaching within growth companies, among others.

Consequently, my usual exercise regimen and training have had to take a backseat amidst these custom-made projects. Now, I am back on track to adhere to a 10-week exercise agenda. I’ve successfully completed two weeks, both in my secret garden and in my surrounding area.