Experienced Professional in Management Consulting, Board Membership, and Corporate Communications: A versatile expert in Business Management and Investor Relations

Are you a management consultant?

While I don’t function as a traditional management consultant, I often join management teams for short-term or long-term tasks, assisting organisations from a business management standpoint, either in a specific role or for various business development initiatives.

Do you serve as a board member?

I have held and currently hold board positions for publicly traded companies across all three significant marketplaces in Sweden, and for unlisted companies, either as a representative for a significant shareholder or as an independent board member.

Do you engage in corporate communications?

I am involved in corporate communications, working either on projects to create regulatory or value-enhancing communications, or assuming an overarching responsibility to manage investor relations.

Are you an investor?

I no longer function as an investor. In the past, I worked for several renowned Swedish investors. Nowadays, I focus on consulting tasks in management and communication and accept board positions.

Do you work in international relations?

Although I don’t hold a professional role in international relations, I undertake assignments that aim to foster trade between countries, for example.