New Board Member Joins Billion SEK Company, Brings Passion for Wine, Espresso, and International Perspectives

I am proud to join the board of a company boasting a nearly one billion SEK turnover. As I introduce myself to the management team, I’d like to share a few personal interests that define my tastes and aspirations.

Verner Panton’s captivating designs have always been a source of inspiration for me, making him one of my all-time favourite designers. As a fan of American wine, I am particularly fond of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Columbia Valley. This passion is complemented by my love for espresso bars that exude an authentic Italian vibrancy.
I thoroughly enjoy spending a day in St. James, London, where the unique atmosphere and sophisticated culture never cease to impress me. On a more ambitious note, I aspire to meet India’s Prime Minister Modi, who has skillfully navigated the complexities of leading the world’s largest emerging market while preserving its rich cultural heritage.