Reagan’s Rhetoric: Mastering Political Communication in the Media Age

For several years, Swedish public service has closely followed American politics through a well-produced podcast series. This format has now expanded to cover American history, and today it touches upon my favorite president, Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was a masterful communicator who adeptly tailored his message to suit the times and the media, while effectively implementing his vision. Effective political communication is anchored in a clear, localized vision that is personally delivered to potential voters in their daily lives. Success comes from being able to convey presence, relate to realism, provide immediacy, and offer perceptual density — all of which Reagan achieved. He also excelled at conceptualizing and packaging main topics using almost Hollywood-style introductions, such as his references to the “evil empire” and initiating a “Star Wars” defense strategy through effective communication, which led a major eastern empire to nearly bankrupt itself in an arms race.

As a communicator in the business world, I’m inspired by his method of crafting impactful messages that grow in value.