Strategic Business Developer and Board Member with a Flair for Storytelling

In my business assignments, I often produce presentations and create company descriptions or information memorandums to realize the value of companies, as well as their upcoming growth and business development. With a background that combines graphic design, business development, and board membership—along with a track record of several share issues and growth journeys in both listed and growth companies—I possess the ability to identify the right details and craft compelling business narratives.

Additionally, I am someone who always brings an extra level of detail to every meeting.

The cufflinks I wear today are from a semi-independent order of chivalry, linked to one of the former imperial or royal courts in Europe. Take note of the two-barred cross, also known as the Cross of Lorraine. Béla III was the first monarch to use the two-barred cross, a symbol that even appeared on the coinage of the Byzantine Empire during the time of the reign of Emperor Justinian II. This symbol later made its way to Western Europe via the House of Anjou and became known as the Cross of Lorraine. Notably, the Cross of Lorraine was also used as a symbol of Free France during World War II.