Unveiling Our Civilization: Strengthening Diversity for an Inclusive Society

As a businessman with a deep passion for our society, my interests extend beyond the realms of business. I have a huge heart for community development and actively participate as a citizen and a member of a think tank, contributing to the betterment of our society.

The autobahn is always heavily motorized, and sometimes you need to take a break. So, I decided to enter the nearest town in search of an espresso, only to unexpectedly encounter a haunting reminder of one of the darkest hours in our civilization’s history. The signs along the streets display nameplates and addresses of families who were tragically deported to their deaths. After that moment, I started to write down the foundations of our civilization and how we shall continue to develop our society.

Together, drawing strength from our diverse backgrounds, we strive towards a shared goal—a society built on equal values and inclusive of everyone’s individual will.

The significant impact of Judaism and other religions on Western culture is attributed to its distinctive connection with Christianity and its role in the formation of Western society and the development of European cultural identity. This combination has been a major source of social services, such as schooling and medical care, and an inspiration for art, culture, and philosophy, drawing upon the intellectual achievements of the Islamic world. Within this historical context, fundamental values like free speech, individual conscience, laws, democracy, and equality have evolved and thrived to become the foundation of Western civilization—a society shaped by civilian opinions, where violence and despotism are replaced by parliaments and independent courts, and laws are crafted to foster the growth of freedom, comfort, and culture.