We were there, and we lived

Most of my time is used in my studio to create business communication and presentations in business development. And a majority of my time will also be used to support management and boards with my experience and business know-how.

And in some assignments, I get time to invite to meetings and networking. There I am the master of merging business into people and, conversely.

Just after 4 p.m., the sun peeked out but disappeared just as quickly. The crowd on the sidewalk created a magnetic pull, and we floated along; it was in the right direction. Charing Cross Road has personality and is always inviting as a signpost where a compass is no longer needed.

After crossing the street, the pub sign gleamed as the sun just wanted to say, here it is before the ray disappeared again to rest behind the clouds. We arrived – The Harp.

We entered into a buzz of sounds, the room was deep rectangular, and the bar stood like a majesty in the middle of one short side. The gaze swept over the taps, and the labels get memorised by our inner logical thinking. The choice fell off a local bitter and cider. Balancing glasses in the crowd, we found that place, which only a pub allows to settle in, a bit in a corner without being a seat but still a seat. The drink touched lips on the edge of the glass as guests came and went into our view. With the jacket lightly unbuttoned in a mix of indoor and outdoor but still inside, we felt the atmosphere that only a London pub, with its personality, can give to fill your mind for the moment. Just taste the atmosphere that is more than a drink.

We were there. We lived.

The sun took us back outside as its rays danced in time with the traffic on St Martins Place. This place gives in its simplicity magic, where we always let our walk stop as we take the memorial to Edith Cavell. A woman whose efforts we all know were unique to humanity.

It’s about what meetings and experiences can give in terms of impressions. Welcome to take part in the walk next time to end with a chat at the pub. As I told you earlier, we were there, and we lived. See you again next time.