Strategic Gifting: Leveraging ‘FIAT’ Chocolates to Showcase Expertise and Open Doors in Management, Communication, and Governance

In the marketing and public relations strategy for my company, we plan to use ‘FIAT’ chocolates as a strategic token as giveaways during meetings, that embodies my core values: business acumen, communication of values, and a history of proven professionalism. This approach sets the stage for substantive discussions on how my expertise can be utilized in management teams, in the production of effective business communication, and for potential roles on boards of directors to add significant value to their organization.

-You know that feeling—the first drop of rain hits, followed by a pause of a few seconds. Your mind wavers, questioning whether it will rain or not, only to be convinced when a few more drops fall. We turn up our collars and quicken our pace, navigating a slalom around the motorcycles lining Bologna’s cobbled streets. As the rain intensifies, our gaze scans the façades, searching for an espresso bar.

In this weather, every foggy window becomes a beacon for espresso bars, making them easy to spot the moment we decide to change direction. We maneuver past motorcycles parked on the curbside, finally stopping in front of an espresso bar distinguished by its red sign and star logotype.

Crossing the obligatory threshold, we find the door standing wide open, as though the lock has never been used. Inside, the atmosphere is lively, cozy, and abuzz with conversation—all beneath high ceilings. The worn stone floor leads us to a queue that ends at a lacquered mahogany counter in true retro style. The bartender, clad in a white uniform and blue bow tie, exudes efficient friendliness. The buzzing pressure of the espresso machine and the hiss of steam serve as the backdrop for the masterpiece being created—an espresso featuring FIAT from Majani.

The Fiat Cremino chocolate, adorned with the classic logo, is produced by Majani, the renowned Italian chocolatier. It was 1911 when FIAT, an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, held a competition among Italian chocolate makers. The objective was to invent a new chocolate, and the result was this specialty confection, designed to celebrate the launch of the Fiat Tipo 4 car.