The Interplay of Enlightenment and Civilization: A Journey from Office to Streets

It’s not business in my office every day. I believe in the development and use of intellectual power to drive business growth. Thus, some days in the office and around feel like enlightenment days.

An exploratory walk in Stockholm, sparked by an initial espresso, led me into an unexpected think tank session about our civilization.

Human history has given rise to civilizations that span continents, timelines, and cultures. Among the most impactful are the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, the Egyptian civilization, Chinese dynasties, and Mesopotamia.

Today’s walk epitomized the essence of Western civilization. As I strolled through a particular street, I encountered a unique blend of the Fleur de Lis and the Magen David. These symbols have strengthened Western civilization for centuries.

Western civilization has been a source of significant innovation, creativity, and the development of new ideas about government and society, largely influenced by the American and French Revolutions.