Transforming Business Strategies: A Voyage of Discovery and Collaboration

A few years ago, or rather quite a few years since I’ve been around for a while in various business areas, I worked on a project involving one of Sweden’s greatest contemporary entrepreneurs, known for his innovation and creativity. He instilled in me the importance of business intelligence for business development – to always observe what the most successful or biggest players in various industries are doing, and to draw inspiration for the growth of your own or other businesses.

In a multidimensional city like Hamburg, embarking on a voyage of discovery can be energizing, sparking new ideas, fueling the hunt for inspiration, and contributing to creativity.

I came across the brand collaboration between Veuve Clicquot and SMEG. Two powerful and iconic brands unite to deliver what everyone wants: chilled champagne for a picnic (image 1).
Hackett is a brand with strong attributes that draws heavily from its English origins. An entrance featuring an umbrella as the door handle immediately immerses the target audience in the right experience (image 2).
Woolrich remains true to its origins and rich history as it contends with today’s competition. The imagery is unique and modern, deeply rooted in its history and uniqueness (image 3).